In 1984, with a modest crew and small budget, Michael Drake and David Radcliffe established United Glass, Inc.

Through the years, with the dedication of dozens of loyal employees, United Glass has grown to over 40 employees, with sales surpassing $10,000,000 annually. Long-time friend and supplier Cornelius Paulson joined United Glass in 2003 and effective 2009 became the sole owner. Together, they offer over a 100 years of combined contract glazing experience.

As a union shop, United Glass provides an array of commercial glass products and services. We specialize in the design, engineering, and installation of mall fronts, low-rise curtain walls, storefronts, commercial window replacements and high-end office tenant improvements. As a specialty provider of glass and aluminum products, United Glass utilizes subcontractors for the performance of specialized product embellishments, such as etching, finishing and other aesthetics. With the support of our loyal workforce and our continued commitment to excellence, we maintain our reputation for providing properly engineered installations while meeting demanding schedules.

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